MEet verita richardson


My name is Verita Richardson & I live in Anaheim, CA! I'm a health/fitness coach & event planner and believe my life's purpose is to ignite confidence & curiosity in other's to live their best life.


What was your first experience with Cannabis?

The first time I smoked cannabis I was 17 & with my older sister. Normally, she wouldn't let me medicate with her, because she wanted me to have the opportunity to try it ONLY if I wanted to. I initially "didn't feel high" like some first time users but within an hour I felt a hunger & happiness I hadn't experienced before. We enjoyed munchies & Disney movies til we crashed.


For what purpose do you use Cannabis?

In 2015, after losing my mother to cancer, I began to medicate to help me sleep at night & to stimulate my appetite. The grief hit me like nothing else and I knew cannabis may bring some relief. Over time and today, I enjoy cannabis to ease anxiety, depression & post workout pain! I'm a #SativaDiva at heart and love to get active or work creative projects with the assistance of strains like Dutch Treat & XJ-13.


What is your favorite Kush Queen product?

Melt Pain Relief Lotion!!! As a former college softball player, I have shoulder pain/discomfort that I still can't shake after workouts or long event days. The Melt lotion has been a game changer because I can apply it and experience relief within minutes, faster than pain relief pills I used in the past. I also love that it's not too thick and "melts" into your skin. I sometimes apply it BEFORE a workout because I don't worry about being more sweaty than normal from the product. I wish I had this product in high school & college instead of bottles of ibuprofen.


Are you open with your Cannabis use?

With my Family - I share my cannabis use with my father & siblings, who all medicate for different reasons. I talk openly with my father & sister about cannabis because we believe in it's healing properties & believe it should be accessible for those seeking it's benefits. My mom's side of the family are conservative and I haven't opened up that conversation yet. They are always supportive of where my passion takes me, but I've been easing into this one.

With my Friends - I am VERY open with my friends about my cannabis use! A majority of my friends medicate and I enjoy going to events and learning more about the research, products & community. I love to be a guinea pig and try new products so often my friends enjoy sending my new & interesting products to consider.


Do you have your own Cannabis Ritual?

I live with my brother (high school best friend) & we love to eat and lift! On meal prep days, we'll enjoy a creative sativa strain to help us mix up recipes and give us energy to get through cooking! One thing we love to do is medicate our clean recipes with cannabis infused condiments like honey, butter, olive oil & more. When it's time to eat, we like to smoke an appetite inducing hybrid to get us in the mood! Don't get me wrong...most of the time we don't need the extra push to eat, but it makes the food taste so good ;)


Has Cannabis changed your quality of life in anyway?

I do believe cannabis has increased my quality of life! In the immediate months after losing my mother, I felt like a zombie. Sleep wasn't a thing, my appetite was non-existent, and my social butterfly wings wouldn't flutter. Cannabis slowly helped me eat more through the day and offered sleep aid. I've been able to pull myself out of depressive spells with the assistance of cannabis and it helps keep negative self-talk away at times. Opening up about my cannabis use has pushed me to be more proactive about educating others about it's benefits and the different ways you can medicate. I never thought I'd be able to help others heal themselves by sharing the random things I've learned over time.


What is one piece of advice you would offer someone on the fence about Cannabis?

TRY IT! Research can be biased and cannabis affects everyone different. The only way you'll know if it's something for you is by giving it a try. Only YOU can relieve your symptoms, but YOU also have options, be mindful of what they are.