meet teon tee thompson


My name is Teon Tee Thompson. I’m originally from St. Paul, MN and I’m a Model/Actor/Artist. I was diagnosed with HIV in April of 2006 and a few years back I realized that my life’s purpose is to simply be open and available to those in need of a shoulder, an answer or anything in between. When I was diagnosed, it literally almost killed me. The most terrifying space I’d ever been in! I had no one to talk to. No answers. No one that understood me. So, I make sure that I am what I didn’t have! I’m here to talk, share my story, have a conversation and save a life or two in the process.


What was your first experience with Cannabis?

My first experience with cannabis was at the young age of 11 when I had my very first joint. All to myself... yikes! Ha!


For what purpose do you use Cannabis?

I’ve been smoking cannabis now for about 25 years. So, I use it for multiple purposes. I have some pretty serious, consistent, back pain that I deal with, which also affects my left leg. Cannabis has been a very effective way to keep the pain down and my muscles relaxed. Also, I’m an artist, so it helps me in my creative space. Helps me stay focused and  keeps my stress level down all together.


What is your favorite Kush Queen product?

Bath Bombs! I LOOOOVE THE BATH BOMBS! I’m pretty new to the bath bomb world. And clearly I’ve been missing out! Kush Queen has a different bath bomb for any type of bath you may need or enjoy! If you want to relax, wake up, or whatever...... BATH BOMBS FOR SURE!!! Maybe you don’t even take baths that often.... Kush Queen bath bombs will change that!! Did I mention how much I love them???


Are you open with your Cannabis use?

I am open with my cannabis use. I’ve been a user for so long, it’s kinda just part of who I am, if you know me. :)


Do you have your own Cannabis Ritual?

The smell of freshly ground up weed is one of my top 3 favorite smells... so I grind up my favorite strain of indica (whatever that may be at the moment), stuff a cone all the way to the max (preferably the pink Kush Queen cones, because they look awesome and the gold tip just feels so good on my lips), I run a nice hot bath, light as many candles as I can find, turn on some India Arie..... and drop in a RELAX bath bomb.... yup...... heavenly.


Has Cannabis changed the way your live your life?

I would say that since understanding and getting more into CBD it has changed my life because I can ALSO get the effects without being “high”.


What is one piece of advice you would offer someone on the fence about Cannabis?

It’s a safe and natural way to get relief of so many kinds. If you don’t like to SMOKE, there are many other options that would fit your specific lifestyle. Start small. Topicals. Bath bombs. See what works best for you. You don’t have to get “high” unless you want to.