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Kush Queens Reign Supreme - no matter the size of your social media following we would be honored to call you one of our own! The Kush Queens are about empowering Queens and bringing us together!


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I agree that I will provide THE KUSH QUEENS with pictures of my collection piece and post at min. 2 photo on my social media platforms once receiving my Collection. I agree to tag The Kush Queens & The Kush Queen Shop in the post (@TheKushQueens & @KushQueenShop) and create the post within 21 days of receiving the collection piece. I give The Kush Queens full permission to repost any of my photos featuring The Kush Queen designs as well as they may use my images on their marketing materials that may include website, marketing brochures, social media and more. I understand, when possible, all credits will be provided back to me for my personal exposure. I understand there is no returns on my ambassador collection piece or return 'value'. I understand that I will not receive a store credit or refund for my purchase if I am dissatisfied. The Kush Queens is offering me an ambassador/affiliate custom package that I understand have no value when it comes to returns, chargebacks or refunds and that The Kush Queens has no fault with postal delays due to carriers or customs process.