My CBD Story

By: Rochelle Herman

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“She wasn’t supposed to heal this well.”

That’s what one of the staff in charge of taking care of my life said before I was discharged from the hospital. 

What happened you ask? 

Well, I woke up like any other Wednesday morning to go on a run, was hit by a car going over 45 miles an hour and woke up in the hospital 3 weeks later. 

Upon seeing the extent of my injuries, the ambulance drivers made the astounding decision to take me to the hospital with the best brain surgeons in the state, even though two other hospitals were closer. It was there where they fought tirelessly to save my brain from swelling. 

What the doctors didn’t know, was that every single morning, including the morning I was hit, I took CBD oil. An incredible full spectrum 1,000 mg CBD oil made by the exceptionally diverse company I work for. The Kush Queens. At the time, this CBD oil wasn’t available to customers, but I made sure to always have some on hand for myself and my pups. Now you can get Bare Daily Wellness directly through Kush Queens online shop!

Behind The Scenes of a Kush Queen Recipe Photo Shoot, before the accident.

Behind The Scenes of a Kush Queen Recipe Photo Shoot, before the accident.

Kush Queen Recipe Photoshoot, before the accident.

Kush Queen Recipe Photoshoot, before the accident.

The endocannabinoid system I have, that we all have in our bodies, acting as my armor, safely and accurately transported the CBD up through my spine and into my brain, where it was most needed. Not only is it believed that it helped preserve my brain from over-swelling, it is also believed to have helped prevent seizures from occurring through the damaged arteries in my neck. Apparently, the way the car impacted my neck instantly caused me to start seizing. I was having multiple mini seizures when the ambulance arrived and saved my life. Fight or flight. 

Just imagine for a moment what I woke up too. What you would have woken up too.

You don’t know the time or what day it is. 

You’re in a strange place.

Strapped to the bed.

They’ve shaved your head.

They’ve put their clothes on you.

They’re trying to feed you?!?

I honestly thought I’d been kidnapped.

 It took a lot of convincing from my family and friends for me to finally understand what had happened to me.

At the hospital, several weeks after waking up from the accident.

At the hospital, several weeks after waking up from the accident.

For the first time, I looked over at the whiteboard in the room. In big bold red numbers, I can see the date. 08/09/2018. The last thing I could actually remember? Celebrating my 30th birthday on July 15th. “You’ve got some shit to deal with.” Was the first cognizant thought I had upon waking to weeks having past. After I realized I was in the hospital and not trapped in some sex trafficking -ring, of course. 

 Alongside the care of the doctors, CBD, I believe, absolutely helped me deal with the shit. And I had a lot of shit to deal with. While back home, trying to heal and recover I suffered the effects of, Short-term memory loss. I was also constantly dizzy, I needed help walking everywhere. My arm found its home nestled in the crook of my boyfriends arm. I needed help getting dressed, I needed help in the shower. The fatigue I felt was overwhelming. Sometimes the only thing I could accomplish before I almost collapsed from exhaustion, was simply getting dressed or taking a shower. I couldn’t even take my precious puppies out on a walk or even just to use the bathroom right outside our apartment without constant help and supervision. 

In recovery, several months after the accident.

In recovery, several months after the accident.

TBI, or Traumatic Brain Injury, was what I was learning to live with. Two of the things I quickly learned I had to live without, was my sense of taste and smell. 25% of all people that suffer from a TBI lose their sense of taste and smell. I was “lucky” enough to be included in that 25%. What that taught me? Muscle memory takes you so far. I mean, how many times have you had spaghetti or coffee in your life? After a while, you stop searching for the flavors because you’ve had them so many times. It actually wasn’t until I smelled some beautiful freshly bought Cannabis, that I realized I couldn’t really smell at all. 

One of the most satisfying smells in the world to me is breathing in the aroma of fresh cannabis, before I’ve smoked it. We had three new jars which upon opening caused my boyfriend to say, “ Wow! This is potent shit.” I couldn’t wait to smell it, I put it right up to my nose and took a big breath. Nothing. I opened up another jar and inhaled it. Nothing. Concern growing in my bones like ivy, I opened the third. “ I can’t smell it,” I said in disbelief. “ I don’t think I can smell anything.” Not being able to smell your weed again. Now that’s heartbreaking. 

I felt like I was suffering from PTSD after the accident. I was petrified walking down busy streets, the slightest rev of an engine and I’d jump and scream in my boyfriends arms. I had nightmares. I lost so much time. When I actually looked back, I realized I couldn’t remember the last 3 months of my life. I forgot meeting or knowing people. I forgot going to events. I may never get those memories back.

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Something I never forgot? I never forgot to take my CBD Oil every morning. I would place a dropper in my drinks or directly in my mouth any time I felt scared or was drowning in my anxiety. Not only was CBD oil my armor, but it was also my constant companion as I walked through hell. A companion I can still count on each and every day to help get me through it. A companion I will forever be grateful for.

Editors Note: While this is a true story, it is important for us to note that the benefits of CBD for Rochelle and her accident are Beliefs and Speculations from her team of doctors, and surgeons, as well as her Friends and Family. We can not guarantee or promise any medicinal benefits from the use of CBD. While we believe the daily use of CBD has many wonderful benefits, we recommend that you consult with your physician if you are looking to Incorporate CBD into your routine for Medical Purposes.

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