Staying Cool When It's Hot AF

It’s finally heating up here in SoCal and the June Gloom is burning off, making way for clear skies and sunshine. The beaches are packed, the pool parties are popping off, and people are flocking to festivals. The sun is giving us the vitamin D our bodies need to properly function and boosting our moods at the same time. For many of us, this is our favorite time of year.

To maintain that happy, carefree feeling you get in summertime, it’s wise to protect your body from some of the dangers this time of year brings, like:

  • Sunburns

  • Heat exhaustion

  • Dehydration

All of these issues can be avoided by being informed and prepared. Read on for ways to keep cool all summer long.

Eat Your Water

Hydrating is super important when you’re exposed to the sun or in high temperatures. Drinking water is necessary, but too much water and not enough nutrient intake can flush out minerals and electrolytes the body needs to thrive.

Watermelon slices are a staple of summertime fun and even a favorite at festivals like Coachella. It’s not just because they’re a beautiful (and tasty) compliment to your favorite romper--they’re also made up of about 90% water. Cucumbers, cantaloupe, strawberries, and grapefruit are all high in water content and also contain the fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals your body needs after sweating all day. So rather than chugging plain water all day, add a slice of melon or a handful of strawberries to your picnic basket and eat your water. 


Drink Your Weed

As I mentioned in the Summer Skin blog I wrote last month, I love a cold beer on a summer day as much as the next gal, but too much booze can leave you depleted and dehydrated. If you’re going to drink alcohol, make sure you’re also rehydrating with water (bonus points for water infused with cucumber and lemon and enhanced with Himalayan salt).

If you want to skip on the booze but still catch a nice buzz, try New Frontier Brewing Company’s non-alcoholic cannabis beer as an alternative. This craft cannabis brewery makes a light beer free of alcohol and buzzing with nanotechnology-powered cannabinoids (5mg THC, >1mg CBD). Find New Frontier at a licensed California cannabis dispensary near you.

If you’re not in Cali but still want an alcohol-free alternative to sip by the pool, experiment with adding CBD to your favorite drink. You can use Bare Daily Wellness Supplement to add a dose of CBD to your favorite virgin drinks or garnish with a CBD Rx Gummy or two to give your mocktail some flair. 


Bring the Shade, Queen

Spending time outdoors is one of the main perks of summer, but too much sun without relief can leave you exhausted and sunburned. Take breaks from the sun when you start to feel overheated by finding shade or a cool space with A/C or flowing air. Avoid a trip to the medic by getting out of the heat before it gets to a critical point.  

How best can you ensure you’ll always have a refuge from the sun? Bring your own shade, Queen! A big floppy hat, an umbrella or parasol, or even a pop-up tent if you’re posting up for a while will save you and make you the star of your group when an unprepared friend needs to borrow some shade.


Keep It Cool

We know to take breaks from the sun, how to properly hydrate, and how to replace dehydrating beverages with refreshing ones, but overheating can still happen to any of us. Here are a few more tips for navigating the heat at a crowded festival, beach, or party:

Cool your pulse points - These are places like your inner wrists, the back of your neck, the back of your knees, your temples, inside the bend of your elbow, and your inner thighs. Applying ice or cold water to these places helps cool down your body by cooling the blood that circulates through these points

Hand fans - They come in all kinds of styles these days, from basic to fabulous. You can even get one embellished in cannabis leaves or customized with a personal design. Bonus: with the proper flick of the wrist, your fan goes from functional to rhythmical by making a “clack” sound--just make sure you’re on the beat!

Portable Personal Fan - This product takes all the work out of having to fan yourself because it’s a battery-powered personal fan that you wear around your neck. A friend placed one around my neck at Splash House, a multi-venue pool party festival in Palm Springs and it was a game-changer. Just remember to recharge it after a long day’s use.

Eat cold foods - If nothing else, summer is the best reason to indulge in yummy frozen treats. You can stick to classics like ice cream, shave ice, and popsicles, or you could try this awesome CBD Mochi recipe by our resident food blogger, Kate Marley! 

I hope this blog was informative and helpful, and most of all, I hope your summer is as lit as you are, Queens!

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