Serious Bathers Club Seattle


Years back my best friend Raquel returned to her home town of Seattle. I’ve visited before but was excited to have my bestie as my tour guide. As I planned my trip I inquired about what was the best bathtub in Seattle. It was unarguable that the Loews 1000 had the tub for me. The water filled from the ceiling, I couldn't book the room fast enough.

On my way up to Seattle, I got to check something off my bucket list: I got to sit in the cockpit. It seems silly, but I’ve always wanted to be that lucky person getting to sit in the pilot seat.


With my bath bombs in tow, I  jetted off for an amazing adventure. There is something so incredible about traveling and exploring a city you don’t know. I loved walking around downtown Seattle. I visited local dispensary, Have a Heart, and stocked up on some local cannabis. I got a Lira Cannagar, some incredible Purple Punch Flower by House of Cultivar, and some edibles by Goodship Co. After the dispensary, we stopped in at a woman-owned bar called Queen-City. 


After a long day, it was time to head to the hotel to test out this magical looking tub. I always enjoy my products, even more, when I feel how insane they work. Between the flight, alcohol, and walking, my feet were swollen. I always know my bath will be that much more rewarding when I really need it. 

I cranked on the water and was impressed with how quickly the bathtub filled. I could tell from the shape of the tub, it was going to be a good soaker. I decided to start with a Relax and save my Relieve bath bomb for later in the trip when I was hurting more. 

My relax bath bomb exploded in the water and I was too excited to jump in. I soaked for my usual 30 minutes and boy was it a bath to remember. I couldn’t express in words how incredible this tub was. It even felt like it held the heat of the water more than my normal tub at home. I felt like I had a full body massage. That’s really the biggest difference I see in our 1:1 THC/CBD bath bombs vs. the CBD only. I feel like the THC allows for deeper penetration of the cannabinoids into the muscles. While I know THC isn’t for everyone, I do love our 1:1 more than the Pure CBD. As always, I slept like a baby thanks to a long hot Kush Queen bath. After a day of travel and exploring, I needed it. 

The next day was jam-packed with adventure. From Capital Hill to taking the ferry to Bainsbridge Island, the day was not just full of adventure, it was the longest day of the year: the summer solstice. The sun stayed out until almost 9:30 pm in Seattle. It was pretty insane and I couldn’t believe it. What a special day to be in Seattle with my friend. We laughed, we ate, we shopped, we drank, and we smoked. We stayed out super late and I got back way too late to my hotel for a bath.

By Sunday, I was beyond exhausted and my feet were really aching from all the walking. After a long day of shopping, I knew an early night in would be the perfect Self Care Sunday to end an incredible trip. We both agreed we were pooped from the day before and called it pretty early on Sunday. I ordered some room service, which was exceptional, before I took my bath. I can’t ever relax fully if I'm hungry while in the tub. 

This time I would use my Relieve 1:1 bath bomb, plus my favorite Acure mask while I soak. I love the camphor essential oil blend of Relieve and felt my body getting less inflamed while I soaked. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and you can really feel the relief.


After my bath, I lathered up in MELT 1:1. The combination of the Relieve bath bomb and the Melt pain relief lotion is indescribable. It. feels. so. Good. I spent the night catching up on some of my favorite reality shows and slept like a baby. The bed at the Loews and the service at the hotel  is also something to write home about. I had such a memorable trip full of laughter, food, and self-care.

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