6 Must Follow Black Owned Cannabis Brands

For the month of May, I wanted to touch on some Black brands that are moving and shaking through cannabis! I know a lot of these lists tend to be crafted for Black History Month but that’s the problem. We shouldn’t only think about supporting Black brands in the month that it’s the most socially acceptable and almost demanded. We need to keep that energy and thoughtfulness year round! When we don’t, we end up with statistics like Black folks only making up around 1% of all 3,200 to 3,600 dispensaries nationwide. So here are some Black folks and businesses who are putting in that work for us to enjoy.

1. Blunts + Moore

Oakland, CA

Partners Brittany Moore and Alphonso Blunt Jr. (a fourth-generation Oaklander) teamed up to make Blunts + Moore, a staple in Oakland, California’s cannabis scene. They have the first dispensary to open up under the city of Oakland’s recently-established equity program! Blunt wears this historical title with honor. After an arrest for cannabis in 2003 that left him behind bars for 5 years, this isn’t just a win for him, but a win for everyone with a past conviction. With over 500 products to offer, I’m sure they have something for every taste and high.  

2. District Growers

Washington D.C.

Founder and CEO Corey Barnette knew what he was doing when he opened District Growers in Washington D.C. With past experience from California's cannabis industry, Barnette took what he learned and used it to grow his own dispensary. But to Barnette, it’s more than a business. As one of the few Black cultivators in the U.S., he puts an emphasis on hiring black and looking out for black communities that are easily exploited by white-owned dispensaries. For instance, he helped push for legislation that would allow those with felonies participate in D.C.’s cannabis market - which was successfully passed!

3. Sensii Cannabis

Toronto, Canada

Ashley Athill has a passion to educate anyone and everyone on the healing benefits of cannabis. Often times cannabis is solely marketed to able-bodied, young to middle-aged adults, leaving so many out of the green loop. But that’s where Ashley has decided to step in and offer her services! Her goal is to be to encourage and guide hopeful cannabis consumers on how to grow their own medicine and the best ways to personalize their use of the plant.

4. Kush & Cute

Seattle, Washington

I adore Kush & Cute! I will forever stand by their High Healthy Skin Beauty Oil, a really refreshing and lightweight daily moisturizer. Their website says can be used as a makeup remover and an oil-based face cleanser, too - which is great because who doesn’t love something with multi-functions? It is currently sold out but I messaged the owner (because I’m the mfing plug), asked her when it’s going to be restocked and she said it will be back online in the next week or so! So keep them tabbed on your computer because this is the perfect oil to give your skin a little pick me up when it’s feeling a little down - or you just want to end the night right after a soak with Kush Queen CBD bath bomb.

5. Blunt Blowin’ Mama

Shonitria isn’t a regular mom, she’s a stoner mom - and y’all would know this if you kept up with her and beautiful family on her Instagram or blog, Blunt Blowin’ Mama. With her blog, Instagram and new podcast, Shonitria has built a voice and platform to support and encourage other moms who consume cannabis openly - or may want to. She understands the need for representation for black and brown mothers in cannabis. It’s an extremely stigmatized intersection and Blunt Blowin’ Mama was created to address and embrace it! You guys can check out her Podcast on Spotify, Itunes or just click this link!

6. Weed, Wine, and Wheat Thins

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t oozing with excitement for the first episode of Weed, Wine and Wheat Thins! Firstly, Toni, the show’s creator, is so sweet! I had only seen a teaser clip on the show’s Instagram account so I sent her an email at the last minute wanting to know more about the show--and she instantly sent back this beautiful email that has me like… I need to get ready for the first episode!! Toni’s inspiration behind the show is to be able to host open and honest conversations with the promise of receptivity and understanding. Every week, Toni will host a new guest, where they choose to partake in either weed, wine or wheat thins, and pick from a random mix of topics ranging from dating apps to privilege dynamics! Mark your calendars to chill out and enjoy each new episode! Find it on the website or on YouTube.


With Black folks owning and founding less than 5% of all cannabis businesses but also being 3.73 times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana, it’s obvious something's not adding up. And restricting the time to even think about buying Black to the shortest month of the year isn’t help. So do your part and take the extra seconds to find and support black businesses in your local community!

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