Taking Care Down There

We’ve fielded questions from some of you curious queens about how Kush Queen’s bath bombs and intimate lubricant, Ignite, affect the vagina so we’re going down there in this blog! Of course, a holistic approach to keeping our lady-bits happy is best, so we’ll throw in some tips you can use with or without KQ products.

Bathe your Vajay

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The vagina is a self-cleaning organ internally. Although they are meant to help, treatments like douching can cause yeast and bacterial infections. Conversely, taking baths can help keep your pH levels balanced, so long as you aren’t exposing yourself to anything toxic in the process. That said, it’s important to start with a clean bathtub. The last thing you want to do is throw off your pH with harsh cleaners and chemicals that linger after cleaning, so opt for natural products instead. Find a brand of toxic-free home products you like or use everyday items like vinegar, baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to keep your bathtub clean.

To further avoid irritating your most personal parts, stay away from bubble bath and bath bombs that contain toxic dyes and fragrances. Residue from chemical-laden products can stick to the skin and cause irritation and infection--not what you signed up for.

Rest assured, all Kush Queen bath bombs are made with organic essential oils, Epsom salts, and high-quality FD&C coloring that’s safe for absorption. Combine those high-quality ingredients with CBD in a clean tub full of hot water and you have a lovely environment to bathe that vajay in!

Cannabis lube is a thing?

The short answer: yes. The long answer: yes, but not all cannabis lubes are created equal, nor do they all even qualify as lube.

Ignite is a water-based intimate lubricant infused with CBD (available online or in select retailers) and THC (available in CA dispensaries). Each ingredient was carefully selected with safety and effectiveness in mind. Many cannabis-infused intimate products are oil-based, which means they don’t play well with latex condoms or silicone toys, limiting who can practice safe sex while using them. Using coconut oil as a lube can alter the vagina’s pH levels and can cause infections if not cleaned properly--hard pass.

Another mood killer about oil-based cannabis lubes is that they can take 20 or more minutes to take effect and some require several pumps or sprays to achieve the desired result, which is a lot of product for a single use. Not with Ignite. A couple of pumps is enough to cover the clitoral area and thanks to nano-CBD and nano-THC, its effects can be felt less than a minute after application. It’s silky, non-greasy texture and warming sensation rapidly increase sensitivity and arousal. Basically, you feel warmed up even when you just got started.

Other common benefits of using Ignite are decreased pain (for those who suffer from painful intercourse), relaxed muscles (which can lead to stronger orgasms), increased blood flow (which can lead to stronger orgasms), and reduced anxiety (which can help create more intimacy). Ignite can be used with partners to encourage consent and enhance exploration, or alone to better understand your body and what makes you tick.

Steam, Queen

I’ve yet to try this myself, but I’ve heard some amazing things about vagina steaming and I’m intrigued. It’s on my self-care bucket list, in part because it’s an ancient practice where one sits atop a steaming herbal mixture, often in a spa setting, which is said to help increase blood and lymph flow and relax the pelvic floor. People have reported improvements in their endometriosis, fibroids, and menstrual symptoms with vagina steaming, along with many other conditions.

Of course, the Internet has mixed reviews on whether or not one should do this, so I suggest doing your research and finding someone credible that you trust and ask plenty of questions before you commit.

Self-Care, Yoni Edition

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I mentioned pH levels a lot already and there are many ways to ensure they remain balanced:

  • Eat an array of vegetables and fruit

  • Choose nutrient dense foods with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals

  • Hydrate regularly. Add lemon, cucumber, and pink Himalayan salt to your water for flavor and mineral boost

  • Get plenty of sleep

  • Keep stress levels low (i.e. stay away from fuckboys/girls)

  • Avoid processed foods, added sugars, and preservatives

Basically, take care of yourself and your yoni will thank you.

No one knows your body--or your pussy--like you do. If you experience unpleasant symptoms for more than a day or two, do not hesitate to see a doctor. If you don’t have health insurance, Visit Planned Parenthood online to fina a location near you.

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