Celebrating 4/20


4/20 is like the Christmas of cannabis. With legalization’s forward movement and the normalization of hemp CBD, you’ll see cannabis everywhere. Over the years I never really related to 4/20 as a holiday. I always felt it was for the “stoners”. I used cannabis and it was part of my identity, but I never saw myself represented in the culture. Now that the stigma is changing, it seems like cannabis is cooler than ever. But the truth is there is still a TON of work to do on all sides. Some people will light up to celebrate and so will I. But so many people stop their support at their consumption. I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to celebrate 4/20 that don’t include lighting up (fun fact: you can light up while you do them if you choose).



It doesn’t matter if you don’t partake in THC, you’re still using cannabis. At the end of the day, cannabis is a social justice issue, a recreational product, and a medicine. If you use it in secret, you are perpetuating the stigma deep-rooted in racial bias. I know that it can be scary to come out of the green closet. Start small and share your favorite CBD product on social media. You could also talk to your friends or family about a product like Defynt CBD skin serum. Show them an interesting study on CBD and skin. If you are worried about your Job, we get it. If you need to stay in the ‘green closet’ for the time being try visiting suggestions #2 & #5 below to help make a difference and show your support for cannabis on the low-low.



While legalization and medical marijuana seem to be taking off, there is still plenty of unfinished business. From the need to expunge records, to medical research, the list of unsettled things in government is longer than the list of areas of progress. Maybe you’re unhappy with the cannabis tax in California. Maybe you want more access to CBD in your area. Maybe you want to write the president to urge him to legalize cannabis federally. It may seem silly, but this is truly the biggest thing we can do to keep the movement going. Commercialization of cannabis has created progress, but it is not a fix to many of our biggest problems. Find your representative here.



Our stories are the ultimate power and there are so many incredible documentaries being made about our beloved plant. Weed The People was made by Ricki Lake and feature incredible stories of families choosing cannabis to treat pediatric cancer. The Culture High brings together celebrities, activists, former DEA agents, and professors to bring a unique view of cannabis culture. Rolling Papers documents Colorado’s legalization through the eyes of the Denver Post. I love cannabis documentaries and they always educate and invigorate my passion for the plant.


There are so many incredible books that talk about cannabis. You will finish these with so much knowledge and may even learn ways to maximize your own wellness. Cannabis has such a rich history that so many people do not even know about. We have spent so many years of our life enjoying this plant, but many of us have very little real knowledge. Expand your knowledge of the endocannabinoid system with Vitamin Weed by Dr. Michele Ross. Explore our favorite molecule, CBD with Healing With CBD. Or maybe you don’t like to read, Cannabis Pharmacy is even available on audiobook!  



It seems crazy to think that there are people behind bars for cannabis while legalization rages on, but there are many people still in prison for what we do every day. They are some of the most forgotten people and one of my favorite organizations, Freedom Grow provides an incredible way we can be a part of bringing hope to the 3,000 non-violent offenders facing life for marijuana. 100% of the donations are passed directly onto the commissaries of prisoners. This allows them to purchase basic necessities like soap, postage, and toothbrushes. You can also take it further and sponsor a prisoner. Freedom Grow is owned by two inspiring Kush Queens Stephanie Landa and the iconic Dr. Dina. They have even gotten clemency granted for prisoners and I truly admire the work they have done.

It is so rewarding to be able to further this movement through my own passion for cannabis. From the culture to the medical community, we are all important. If we all take a little time to do something for the plant we all enjoy so much, progress will come at an even quicker rate. All people deserve the freedom and ability to access this plant and the molecules derived from it. Cannabis is a key to the better world we all want to create, and putting action behind that plant is crucial.

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