Live, Laugh & Light Up your 420 Party


I’m an April Fools’ baby and a lifelong stoner, which makes April my favorite month for two reasons: my birthday and 4/20. These two unofficial holidays for jokesters and stoners are globally recognized days to play pranks and celebrate all things cannabis.

While April Fools Day is mostly confined to the 1st, in this age of regulated weed, we see dispensary deals and cannabis events popping up on social media weeks before the 20th. The obvious way to celebrate is to get high, but why not make this 4/20 something special and create a new holiday tradition?

Rather than hosting your basic smoke out (you do this plenty throughout the year as it is), throw a party to make things more interesting. Here are 5 new ways to celebrate this widely recognized stoner holiday.

Smoking Utensil & Swag Swap

Do you ever go through your smoking accessories and realize you somehow ended up with 15 grinders and no pipe? You probably have friends with the same problem, so why not gather all the smoking tools you’re ready to part with and ask your best buds bring theirs over for a utensil swap. You’ll be able to give your old goodies new life and spend time with friends, testing out the supplies, smoking and laughing.

To ensure everyone gets their fair share, come up with a system to designate items of a similar value together or issue tickets so guests can “purchase” items based on how much they’re worth. You can also do a free-for-all and let everyone rummage through the piles. Either way, your party will be lit AF.

Craft Cannabis - Craft Fair

What’s better than craft cannabis and crafting? If you’re the artsy type, consider hosting your own craft & blaze party. Similar to the Utensil Swap, have your friends bring over art supplies and other materials to share amongst each other. You can pick a theme or an image or just let everyone freestyle and let the cannabis inspire your inner artists.

If you like this idea but it feels like a lot of work for your guests, look into hosting a Paint and Bloom party, where an artist brings in everything you need to paint with your friends for a reasonable fee per person. These types of events happen all the time, so you can also find one near you and join others who like to blend cannabis and creativity.

Whether you’re hosting or joining a party, pick strains that boost creative juices, like Cloud 9 or anything crossed with Jack, to set the tone for your creation. You can play with different blends of cannabis and herbs, like lavender and mint, to add a little flair to the sesh.

Cannabis Tasting Party

If you want to keep the focus on the cannabis and still do something a little different, keep it simple and host a tasting party. You can do the “Pepsi Challenge” and have guests blind-taste cannabis and guess strains for prizes or bragging rights or you can curate flights of cannabis treats, like a CBD mocktail, a low-dose THC edible, and sativa joint.

Cater to your sophisticated stoner guests and serve herbal joints with foods that have complimentary flavor and terpene profiles. Imagine a beautiful fruit bar with citrus, mango, berries, and pineapple next to jars of Blue Dream, Mango Kush, and Pineapple Jack. Make this the one-stop shop at your party to elevate moods and tackle munchies!

Throw a Pot Potluck

This one is pretty straight forward. Bring a dish. Bring some weed. Share with your friends. Need I say more?

Cannabis-Infused Spa Day

Self-care and cannabis go hand-in-hand, so why not make your 4/20 about loving yourself? With products and services like cannabis-infused lotions and Bellacures x Kush Queen mani-pedis, you really can’t go wrong with a 4/20 Spa Day.

Bust out the foot baths and make this an in-home party with The Lit Kit and this Defynt Face Mask from our blog. Your hands, feet, and face will glow like the cherry on the joint you’re passing your BFF--Yass Queens!

If you want to make this a day out, hit up a Bellacures location in SoCal or find a salon or spa near you that has Kush Queen products and services on their menu. The tension in your back will melt away when that Melt penetrates your skin.

Happy 4/20 to All!

However you choose to recognize this April 20th, we at Kush Queen wish you the dankest 4:20 yet! Stay lit, my friends!

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