TLC with Kush Queen

This New Year has been hard, to say the least. Right before the year started I abruptly uprooted my life and moved back to the sweet, sweet Midwest - and I’ve been tripping up since. So much so that, my life really started to feel like every time things were possibly looking up, a new set of challenges were aggressively thrown my way. The feeling of not knowing what was coming next has had me crying in the car before going into work and questioning every step I’ve made to get to here. I needed to catch my breath, I needed to feel like I had some sort of control over my life. So I did what I do best, and gave myself all the self-care that I needed to reclaim my self-worth. Thankfully with the help of some of Kush Queen’s CBD products, I was revived.

A little boost of self-care that I’ve been giving myself every morning for the past week has been the KushQueen gummies! First and foremost, a huge secret passion of mine is gummy candies. So any excuse to eat something sweet and chewy in the morning is always considered a #blessing. But beyond the mouth-watering texture, it’s the effect that has me coming back. Because for me, my typical morning doesn’t start with a cup of coffee but with an existential crisis. It’s my anxiety that wakes me up in the morning, and it’s also my anxiety that stops me from stepping into my full greatness. So the ability to eat a gummy or two in the morning before I leave my cozy home for work is a great way to let the 12.5 mg to 25 mg of CBD settle in my system and help calm my racing heart.

This winter’s bitter winds have stripped away my lust for life, and also the delicate softness of my top lip. Even after applying and reapplying the “best” moisturizer known to man, shea butter, my lips couldn’t be saved. Thankfully, this was the case until I tried Kush Queen’s Renew Peppermint Sugar Scrub. This scrub can be used anywhere topical really, but I 110% endorse using it on your lips. I put on my clay mask and right before I rinse it off I rub on this bad boy scrub - my god. It’s like my lips have never known the hardships of winter. The peppermint essential oil left my mouth feeling refreshed and tingly - and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably taste it because it’s made out of sugar and realize it’s pretty good. Another great thing about this scrub is that it’s made from sugar and not sand or any another abrasive grain. Why? Because sugar has smaller grains, meaning it’s less likely to damage and dry out my skin! Leaving me with soft and hydrated skin.

Yes, my name is D.M. Blunted, but I started smoking joints before blunts! So puffing on Kush Queen’s Hemp Smokes was taking me back to long road trips and not knowing how to roll anything. I don’t know if it was me or the CBD, but while smoking one of these joints, I just felt so nostalgic in such a healthy way. I could look back not to escape my reality with that memory, but just to appreciate that moment. Just like how I appreciate the bliss of calmness these joints gave me, especially after a blunt! Studies do show that CBD works best with a little THC, Y'all. The taste and smell of these joints are so smooth and heavenly. I know I’ve seen people complain about how their pre-rolls don’t burn even, but not with these! Just perfection. I honestly just don’t know what’s the better duo, THC and CBD, or pretzels and marshmallow fluff. Either way, both duos give me a euphoric feeling!

My stress has hit levels this year that are unprecedented. Thankfully, my hair is loc’d so I can’t fall back on my trichotillomania. But honey, the body will make it clear when it’s not comfortable with its current situation. And mine has been doing that by breaking out almost constantly in hives. My chin, eyelids, cheeks, hips, thighs, and sides of breasts are often scattered with itchy red welts and my nail marks. Cortisone cream has become a very good friend of mine, but thanks to Relax by Kush Queen, I was able to find a night of relief. Seriously, the Relax bath bomb is jampacked with some of the best essential oils for soothing skin (lavender, chamomile, and frankincense). The ability to have a night’s sleep without the vicious urge to scratch the epidermis off my body is not to be taken for granted. This bath bomb not only soothed my skin but also my soul - the way the essential oils diffuse in my steamy bathroom left me feeling like jelly. The only thing that could have made it better is if like, a genie appeared and let me wish myself dry, dressed and in bed.

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