Getting Connected: Working with your Root Chakra

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One of my New Years resolutions was to spend more time taking care of myself, with a heavy focus on Chakra work. If I just started at the Root and worked my way up, come August I would be healed and enlightened. Well, January has passed and yeah, I didn’t do the whole Root Chakra thing. I meant to get to it, I really did, but I let myself get consumed by the whole celery juice trend and also the general overwhelm of a New Year. I am a procrastinator to my very core, so this is in no way out of character, but I refuse to admit defeat this time. 2019 Megan is a beast and she refuses to give up. So as February begins, I say #freshstart and Invite you to Join me in a little Root chakra work. Below I will be sharing some of the steps that I will be taking, but please, do your research to find what works best for you and trust your instincts. The more you learn about your Chakras the easier it will be to truly connect to them.

Meeting Your Root Chakra

Your Root, also known as the Muladhara and the Earth Chakra, is located at the base of your spine. This is where it all begins. It is your gateway to all of the other Charkas. Your energy center, your balance, your foundation, your grounding force. This Chakra is commonly associated with confidence, courage, willpower and our primal needs. Think food, connection, safety, shelter. When your Root is neglected, blocked or unbalanced it can cause you to feel cut off from everything, even yourself. This blockage can not only affect your connection to the higher Chakras, but it can even result in real life issues surfacing. Poor body Image, weight gain, eating disorders, inflammation, mood swings and even depression may stem from an unbalanced Root Chakra. This is why we want to start at the Root when exploring Chakra work. We need to clear that blockage and unlock the door to all of the other Chakras.

Getting Connected

To really start to nourish and balance your Root Chakra, you first need to learn how to connect with it. Open the line of communication. As this is our Earth Chakra, getting out into nature and bringing more nature into your home will be one of the strongest ways to get more connected and centered. Dig your toes into the bare earth, go for a hike, swim in the ocean. Fill your home with plants and make caring for them part of your daily ritual. The more nature that you can soak in, the better.

Adding in elements of aroma and color therapy can also help you deepen your chakra work. Surround yourself with the earthy scents of cedarwood or patchouli as a reminder to stay connected with the earth.

The color red stimulates our primal instincts and represents strength, passion, and abundance. You can use this color to open yourself up, to bring focus into your rituals, to motivate you throughout the day, and to help manifest what you desire out of your Chakra work. Invite red into your life and home by adding pops of color into your decor, wardrobe and even onto your plate. Foods like apples, strawberries, watermelon, beets, and rainbow chard are great options for balancing out your Root. Try a fresh berry juice or smoothie bowl for a morning pick me up. Add a dropper of Bare Daily Wellness for a healthy dose of CBD and an easy way to relax and find your focus.

Raising Your Vibes

Once you have allowed yourself to connect, it is time to start raising those vibes and aligning your shit! Clear out the negative and bring in a more positive and focused energy. Incorporating crystals into your life is naturally inviting in higher vibes. They radiate powerful, focused energy and when you choose to work with the appropriate crystals for your goals they can assist in speeding up your work and raising your vibes. Some great crystals to work with for your Root Chakra are Picasso Jasper, Red Jasper, Tigers Eye, Goldstone, Jet, Bloodstone and Smokey Quartz. When in doubt, red or earth tones are a safe bet.

Meditation is also an amazing way to raise your vibes and a truly necessary tool for Chakra work. This allows you the opportunity to silence the noise and share your intentions with your body. Communicating with yourself honestly. What do you believe is blocking or causing your Root to be unbalanced? What positive changes do you hope to see in your life as you realign yourself? I personally am a mental busy body and have an especially difficult time shutting out the noise. For me combining Meditation into a personal ritual helps me to focus on something and opens me up for deeper connection, but if you can find a way to dedicate 10-15 minutes a day to sitting and really focusing on meditation and self-healing, your chakra work will greatly benefit.

If you are open to ritual work there are many rituals that you can take part in, and you can even create your own. This is about really focusing your energy and bringing in different tools to help magnify that energy. I myself plan on taking part in a ritual bath. Patchouli incense, red candles, rose petals, and the calming sound of a thunderstorm will help me to connect with the earth. Large Smokey Quartz paired with Red Jasper, Tigers Eye, and Goldstone will surround the tub inviting in comfort, strength, motivation, confidence, and healing. I will be adding a Kush Queen Immunity Bath Bomb as well as a Crystal Cult Root Chakra Bomb into the tub for added relaxation and deeper connection. The Chakra Bomb even includes a Picasso Jasper Crystal that I will then use in additional Chakra work throughout the month. After cleansing the space with sage, sinking into the warm water and saying my personal Root Mantra out loud, I will close my eyes and let myself meditate in the curated space for 20-30 minutes. Bliss.

Cracking Open


Journaling. What a simple way to open yourself up. You don’t need to crack yourself open to the public, your friends or even your family every day, but you should be opening up to yourself daily. Letting whatever is inside spill out, even if it doesn’t make sense, works like a mental detox. Get all that clutter out and invite in that which brings you joy to take up that space.

You can find journaling prompts to get you started on sites like Pinterest, or you can just let yourself write whatever flows out naturally. Do this for 5-10 minutes a day, more if you can make room for it, and acknowledge what comes up. The good and the bad. Let this information, the emotions, assist in your healing process. What do you need? What is no longer serving you? Most importantly you need to remember that this whole process only works if you are honest with yourself.

I like to light up a Kush Queen Hemp Pre Roll to help me sink into a more relaxed state of mind, turn on whatever music I am feeling in that moment and just let the words fall out of me. It may mean nothing, it may mean everything, but the process, the routine of it all, in and of itself will aid in your Chakra work.

Moving On

I honestly am not sure at what point a Chakra is healed, unblocked or balanced. I don’t know when I should say everything is great and it’s time to move onto the next one. I do assume I will know when that time comes. I am trusting the process, staying focused and removing self-judgment and doubt from the process. I hope you will join me. Do your research, find the tools that call to you, create your own rituals. 2019 is a time for healing, why not heal ourselves, together.

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