Gummies RX saves the day in Dallas

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This past weekend, I accompanied my wife on a weekend work trip to Dallas. The trip was one of those rare happenings where I could see family, squeeze in a little art gazing and check out a few charming neighborhoods all in one weekend. Needless, to say I was excited!

The first two days of the trip were spent hanging out with my mom, attending a work function to support my wife and answering a few emails. Overall, the start of the trip was nice and easy, and I was really looking forward to our Sunday plans. We don’t, as they say, #SundayFunday often so, I was pumped to do some carefree cruising around Dallas then meet up with family for a fun afternoon in the suburbs!

Everything was going according to plan…

Everything was going according to plan until Mother Nature decided to greet me a little ahead of schedule this month. Typically, I welcome my period with no issues, I’ve got a routine with built-in comforts and I know my body. However, waking up with no period supplies, major leg aches (my bodies version of cramps) and a day of fun plans ahead; I was not exactly feeling great. I had to quickly snap into problem-solving mode before the sads took over.

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A quick rummage through our bags turned up two lifesavers! A Relax Bath Bomb and Gummies RX! My wife brought the Relax Bath Bomb as a little happy for my cousin but desperate times calls for desperate measures, right!? I forgot I had packed Gummies RX as a travel-friendly CBD option over Bäre which I take daily.

KQ to the rescue!

A 20-minute soak in Relax, 2 Gummies and one Calm meditation session later and my aching legs were eased. I slow-rolled the rest of the morning to give my body space to welcome in the new cycle and I was ready when my wife came strolling in mid-morning done with her work obligations.          


My KQ Aches and Pains Rescue Fix:

My #SundayFunday Day In Dallas

The rest of the day went precisely how I wanted it to –  hopping around the city feeling great!

First stop – We went out for cappuccinos at Oddfellows in the Bishop Arts District. I highly recommend sitting at the bar to dine, then scooting out before the crowd gets too busy as this spot is a local favorite! I’ve only been to this area twice and it’s already become a favorite.  

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Second stop - From there, we drove around downtown. I’m always drawn to the Giant Eyeball. It’s large, hyper-realistic and I love it! Multimedia artist Tony Tasset’s giant Eyeball sits in the Joule hotel’s garden and is a must see if you are in Dallas.


Third Stop – The Dallas/Fort Worth area is enormous! In the late afternoon, we drove out to Allen, Texas to spend the afternoon with friends and family. Think Friday Night Lights and you’re basically there. My family is originally from Louisiana, so an afternoon of gumbo, king cake and maybe a few chambongs was much appreciated to kick off carnival season!

That my friends is what I call a perfect #SundayFunday! Besides my cousin not getting her bath bomb as a gift, all issues were avoided thanks to Kush Queen.

From now on when traveling, I’ll always be packing a bath bomb and my Gummies RX, just in case.

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