Kush Queen Featured: Forbes

CBD oil’s been making a splash on the wellness scene this year. It makes sense—cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis, offers a myriad of potential health effects. Research shows that CBD helps ease anxietyreduces inflammation, and might be an effective treatment for acne, among dozens of other promised benefits. No wonder people think of it as the next wonder drug.

Known for offering a mildly relaxing effect, CBD oil’s now turning up at the very places where people go to bliss out: Spas. Wellness centers around the country have taken treatments to new highs by infusing spa treatments, like massages and manicures, with CBD oil.



Bellacures, a chain of nail salons around Los Angeles, is taking the experience of its high-end manicures and pedicures even higher with CBD-infused products from Kush Queen. From the bath bomb used in the foot soak and the sugarcane scrub to the massage lotion and tasty chocolate dessert, many of the products used in the “Canna-cure” mani-pedi service are infused with CBD oil. You’ll leave with fingers and toes that are as polished as they are relaxed.

Megan Farley