Kush Queen Featured: MG Retailers

The popularity of veganism and cannabis seem to be rising simultaneously. While you may be aware of or stock infused vegan or vegan-friendly edibles, some of the more uncommon ones might make a nice surprise for customers. Check out our list of four cannabis-infused vegan products that are not your run-of-the-mill commodity.

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Kush Queen Bath Bombs

Thinking the bubbles in your bath could be doing more than just creating suds? Made with 100 percent organic essential oils blends, Kush Queen’s Bath Bombs are perfect for those looking to get clean after a grueling workout or tough day at the office. This vegan bath wash is infused with CBD and will rejuvenate the body. Kush Girl uses 100 percent organic peppermint oil, CBD, extra virgin olive oil, and other natural ingredients in their bath bombs. They come in five varieties with specific intended effects including Awaken, Sleep, Relieve, Love, and Relax.

Megan Farley