A Ritual for Letting Go

By: Angela Viesti

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All day we give and receive energy: At work, in our communities, with our loved ones, even online. We also store energy in our bodies—something we don’t always intend to do. By working self-care, ritual, and intention into our routines we can more easily return to a state of balance. Try this simple ritual using the Kush Queen Lit Kit to release stored energy that doesn’t serve your highest good!

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To set the mood, smudge the space, light some candles and incense, and play meditation music for positive energy. Try dry brushing before this ritual: As the hot water fills the tub, take a dry brush and gently brush upward from the feet to the back to stimulate the lymphatic system, exfoliate the skin, and get the blood circulating. Lower yourself into the tub, drop in the Relax CBD bath bomb—made with a mood boosting blend of lavender, chamomile and frankincense essential oils—, and enjoy the CBD chocolate as the bath bomb fizzles into the water. (Add rose petals or Epsom salts now if you feel called to.)


Consuming cannabis and CBD products mindfully is the key to integrating these tools in your wellness routine. To reap the most benefits from the CBD, soak for at least 30 minutes and puff away on a Kush Queen Cone, packed with a nice GDP or Gorilla Glue #4 to help you relax from the inside out. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and spend a few minutes getting into your body by scanning each area and tuning in to how it feels. As you come across emotions and sensations that need to be felt, give yourself the space to feel them and heal them. 

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To complete this ritual, shift your focus toward what you’re ready to let go of and move into gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned. Set the intention to let it go and while the tub drains, stay seated and visualize that which you are releasing flow down the drain and into the Earth’s center. You’ve freed up space in your being for new energy to manifest and you did it from a place of love! 

Adapt this ritual to suit your tastes and repeat as needed, especially during cosmic events like Mercury Retrograde, Eclipse Season, and the New Moon!

Angela Viesti is a Health Coach and blogger with a heavy focus on Cannabis Integrated Wellness
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