A Bath Bomb for every day of PRIDE!


By: Ben Mervis

If you’re new to the world of bath bombs, essential oils, or treating yourself right, this is your how-to guide with a bath bomb for every day of pride.

Bath bombs are inherently ritualistic, which actually enhances the effects most people feel by using them.

  • Deciding where you’re going to use it; in a bathtub, a foot bath, a wrist soak… there are many more options than you might think.

  • Time of day and lighting - both important and personal factors.

  • Temperature of the water; really hot, ice cold, or somewhere in between?

  • Music/reading/entertainment - what will it be?

While we know for sure that some of you would gladly take 5 baths in one long weekend, most readers will take less. This is YOUR choice, henny; pick the bath that’s right for you and take that moment to respect and honor YOURSELF. Pride is something to be practiced year-round, but there is something particularly powerful about having a special time where your entire local community is called upon to be a little more loud, and a little more proud.

So with that, Kush Queen + Today’s Highs bring you a super realistic weekend of pride, a la bathtub.


Thursday @ 9pm - It’s pride-weekend-eve and before taking part in moments of debauchery, we need to watch Handsmaid’s Tale and make certain promises to ourselves re: don’t ever let it get that bad. And what better way to wrap the night than by soaking in a RELAX bath bomb from Kush Queen. The essential oil blend and CBD will help to reduce stress, anxiety and inflammation.


Friday @ 4pm - You told your boss you had a doctor’s appointment and ducked out early. You weren’t completely lying since your boyfriend is a vet. What better way to kick off pride than by washing off the week with your love, and getting the fire started with a LOVE bath bomb, featuring the aphrodisiac Ylang Ylang.

No dreamy doctor boyfriend? Well, odds are that Dr. Feel Good just flew into town and he thinks he can “cure that itch.” Go enjoy his super clean hotel bath tub and share California Cannabis with your visitor by way of a LOVE bath bomb from Kush Queen.


Saturday @ 3pm - Girl, you tired yet? You woke up early, got yourself to that parade, and brunch, and walked around the entire festival. Ready to take a little afternoon siesta? Rest those dogs (feet) and give them a foot bath using Kush Queen’s RELIEVE bath bomb, or Canni Cure Kit, specially created with a team of anti-inflammatory essential oils to chip away at your pain and get you dance floor-ready. *Did you know that feet are known to have a close relationship to the operation of our nervous system? This means a foot bath will have full-body effects!


Sunday @ 11am - Remember last night? Neither do we. But you know the motto, rally and roll off to brunch! Make those morning mimosas POP by setting up a hand bath with the uplifting mint oils of an AWAKEN bath bomb. Pop a reusable straw in that mimosa, turn on some soulful divas, and have seat and a soak before you go.


Monday @ 8pm - You did it! You made it across the Pride finish line, and may have even made it through a full day of work. Time to give your body the best rest of your life by soaking in a SLEEP bath bomb before bed.

And don’t forget, pride is a YEAR-round thing. Pride in your identity, your background, and your communities. Self-care is a great way to show how proud you are, so if actual Pride gets a little too busy for 5 baths, we recommend treating yourself to one of these mini-adventures any week you’d like.

[Ben Mervis is creator and curator of Today's Highs, a growing community of contributors. Ben is also the President of Hey Mervis, providing marketing strategy and operations support for brands and individuals looking to create something meaningful, beautiful, and beneficial.]

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Megan Farley