The Soaked/Melt Combo

Making your summer workouts that much stronger

by Ben Mervis


Imagine this; it’s about to be pride season… summer in-general… and you’ve been hitting the gym, streets, boxing studio, yoga practice, pilates HARD. Just as you’re starting to look your best, you’re beginning to feel your worst. Fatigued. Sore. and all of this at the same time of year when the days are the longest, and the occasions to get out of the house are many more.

What if we told you there’s a great way to combat the “side effects” of an active lifestyle, without risking the adverse interactions of popping pain killers (however mild) while spending more time in the sun, and maybe even enjoying a drink or two. A consistent CBD ritual can combat inflammation that causes pain, and greatly increases blood flow which carries nutrients to your recovering muscles.


Fitness professionals recommend consuming protein and other nutrients immediately after completing a workout, and many cannabis experts say the same for CBD. And if you’re the type of person who likes to shower after a workout, Kush Queen’s Soaked could be the perfect way for you to fit that CBD into your active lifestyle.

Why? Experts recommend consumption of protein within 20-30 minutes after a workout because that’s when your body is hungriest and looking to immediately begin the repair process. Any longer than that, and we risk the body entering survival mode, eating the lean muscle that was just built, and storing protective layers of fat… a snack for later. Immediate intake of CBD aids your body’s digestion and circulation of necessary nutrients, like a power-up for the self-care you’re already practicing.

Let’s go back to imagination station, this time about your shower rituals. We all have them, whether we think of them ritualistically or not; where you put your dirty clothes/clean clothes, pre-or-post shower teeth-cleaning, you may even be a shower singer. Think also about your preferred soaps and shampoos, and the ways in which you use them. There’s an order of operations that has been developed and refined over the course of your entire lifetime… and Kush Queen is here to shake that up.


A few minutes into your shower, after the warm water has opens up your pores, we recommend turning the water off. You’re about to begin a 30-45 second relationship with Soaked, and it’s going to be great. Every time I open the bottle and pour some into my hand, the awakening scents of 5 different citrus fruits joins the delicious relaxation of lavender, chamomile and rosehips. Meanwhile, organic aloe and jojoba seed oil get to work nourishing the skin in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling filmy, or tacky.  

That’s the first 5 seconds.


Remember, the water should be off, because a widespread lather with this body gel helps it’s most-special ingredient - nano-particles of CBD - to penetrate deeply through your skin and into the bloodstream. There, it’s helping to relieve pain by reducing inflammation, and increasing the transport of proteins and other restorative nutrients. After a 30-45 second soak, you’re good to wash off the remaining suds - the Soaked has done it’s trick, and you’re on your way to a better day.

Want to go one step further?


Take those open pores right from the shower to your toiletries, and apply Melt by Kush Queen to areas where you need an extra boost of localized pain relief. The same cell-penetrating CBD partners with powerful analgesic and antibacterial essential oils to more-directly attack acute pain and soreness.

Keep that body going through the rollercoaster that is summer and pride season.

[Ben Mervis is creator and curator of Today's Highs, a growing community of contributors. Ben is also the President of Hey Mervis, providing marketing strategy and operations support for brands and individuals looking to create something meaningful, beautiful, and beneficial. Find him on Insta @todayshighs!]

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