Taste the Rainbow

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As the summer season officially rolls in, we find ourselves craving more bright, sweet and refreshing flavors. So we went on the hunt for something delicious that could beat the heat, that we could share with friends, that wouldn't destroy all that effort we’ve been putting in at the gym. After days of drooling over Pinterest recipes of some truly beautiful and vibrant fruit dishes we decided to try our hand at the super popular fruit pizza. Rainbow style, obvi. The issue we ran into as we searched through endless recipes was the suprising amount of sugar involved in this dessert. While we definitely were not trying to fall into a full on sugar coma, we also weren’t willing to give up on our mission. Luckily, with a little tweaking, we were able to create our own version of this picture perfect summer treat, and we're in love!

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The recipe is super freaking easy and adaptable AF! We’ve opted to go full rainbow over here, but you don’t have to. You could use mixed berries and top it off with a drizzle of nutella or try pineapple, mango and banana for some vacation level flavors. There is no cooking involved here, which is amaze, but we won’t lie, the prep can take some time. We recommend cranking up some jams, lighting up a joint and allowing yourself to have fun and get lost in the process. Once your pizza is assembled you can even reward yourself with a relaxing bath bomb experience while your wait for your treats to chill.

The standard fruit pizza calls for a sugar cookie crust which you are welcome to try, however, we have opted for a flat bread crust. [We used Stone Fire brand, thin crust.] This allowed for a delicious dessert with less sugar, less calories plus a hint of salt, and we really dig the vibes! Since we chose to use a ready made crust all you will need to do here is remove one crust from the bag and place it on your favorite serving platter. We chose to pat off some of the salt and semolina from the crust, but that step is optional. If you want a crispier crust you can bake it for a few minutes according to the package instructions, but we found that the softer pillowy like crust lent itself better to the flavors of the dish.

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For our “sauce” layer we decided to forgo all the cream cheese you would typically find in this dish and went with our super healthy friend, greek yogurt. [We used 0% fat Fage.] While we did add a little powdered sugar to our mixture to sweeten it up, that is completely optional. Feel free to use any sweetener of your choosing at this step, just make sure to taste as you go. We simply added a single 6oz cup of greek yogurt, plus 2 tbsp of powdered sugar in a small mixing bowl and whisked until the consistency was nice and smooth. You could add some cinnamon, or citrus or peanut butter here if you want to amp up your flavors and add some extra oomph. Once you have your yogurt mixture ready to go, let it chill in the refrigerator while you prep your fruit. Once the fruit is all diced up, pour the yogurt mixture onto the center of your crust and using a spatula or the back of a spoon spread in out evenly, edge to edge.

Decorating the pizza was our absolute favorite part of this process. Once you have decided which fruits you want to use, it’s time to start dicing. We found that a small dice works best for a more beautiful layered effect. With small berries and grapes you can just cut them in half so that they lay flat on the pizza. It will take some time, but the payoff is worth it. We started topping ours by placing the diced strawberries along the crust of the pizza and worked our way through the colors of the rainbow as we moved inward. You. do. you. though! Go extravagant, go simple, it’s your choice and that is the best part! Drizzle with peanut butter, top with your favorite whipped cream, or add some nuts. Like, for real for real, play with this shit! It’s fun and delicious and your friends will be legit impressed when you show up with one of these babies to binge watch the entire new season of Queer Eye. We Highly recommend!

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Whether you choose to serve this tasty dish at your Father’s Day lunch, your next pool party or a netflix and chill night in, we want to see all of your beautiful and unique creations! Don’t forget to follow and tag us @TheKushQueens and @KushQueenShop.

Megan Farley