Kush Queen for Mom


Moms are freaking super heroes. From the physical pain of giving birth to the emotional pain of watching their babies grow up and leave the nest, mothers go through some real shit. And despite those asshole teenage years, they still love you? Super. Heroes. Yes, Mothers Day is right around the corner, but do you really need an excuse to take care of the mommas in your life? The answer is NO, incase you were unsure. It’s really as simple as giving her a moment to herself, as often as you can.

The art of relaxation is kind of our thing, so we’re here to give you some advice. It's time to help those moms you love so much to get their highly deserved R&R. An at home spa experience is a great way to tell her you care, without breaking the bank. We have selected a few different products that are perfect for providing an easy and affordable, but totally luxurious at home spa experience that any mom would love.



The Rest and Relaxation Collection

It’s a beautiful, simple and efficient collection. We combine our CBD Sleep and Relax bath bombs for a seriously relaxin experience. Light some delicious lavender candles, pour mom a drink and drop one of each bath bomb into a nice hot tub. Now leave her the hell alone so she can enjoy her “ME” time.



The Pain Relief Collection

Momming is hard work. Sometimes it’s up to us to remind the moms in our life to take care of themselves. Our pain relief collection is perfect for soothing sore muscles and aching bones and easing a stressful mind. A soak with our Relieve bath bomb, followed by a message with our Melt Pain Relief Lotion, will have even the busiest mom feeling fresh and new.


Cannacure kit.jpeg

The Cannacure Kit

If you are looking for a salon worthy experience, our Cannacure Kit has you covered. It is our luxury CBD infused mani-pedi in a box. Just add her favorite polish and go. We’ve included two of our CBD infused mini bath bombs, sugar scrub and melt lotion for a relaxing foot soak and message that will leave her hands and feet feeling extra soft and free of pain. Live in Los Angeles? Send her to receive an in person Cannacure at one of Bellacures locations.


Relax Bowl.jpg

The Benefits

Bath Bombing has so many benefits. They can soothe, smooth and detox the skin. They can rejuvenate the spirit. They can ease a stressful mind. They can relieve aching muscles and even allow for more restful sleep. We don’t know a single mom who couldn’t benefit from all of that! Want to learn more about the benefits of bombing? Check out our blog post all about it here.


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Megan Farley