May Mood

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Can you even believe that it’s May already? Our favorite *Nsync meme has come and gone, the summer is fast approaching and we are definitely choosing to ride the energy train to brighter places. We are letting go of the negative, and reaching for strength and balance to guide us forward. From the colors we surround ourselves with to the rituals we keep, we open ourselves up to love, joy and opportunity, and we invite you, to join us.

Colors of May

These bright and beautiful colors are giving us so much life right now! So. Much. Life. Promoting positivity, encouraging creativity and manifesting abundance is some shit we can definitely get behind. Did you know, the colors we surround ourselves with can have a really powerful effect on the way we live our lives? For real! The foods we eat, the clothes we wear, our surroundings and decor. We take all of these things in with our eyes, which sends signals to our brains, that triggers an emotional response. You can actually take control of your own mood as you learn to be more intentional with the colors you surround yourself with. SO... we will be here, drenching ourselves in shades of green and orange, and feeling motivated AF about the future!


Showing Some Chakra Love

Setting intentions and focusing on actions that can help manifest those intentions is a simple and hella powerful way to improve your quality of life. This month we are focusing extra extra on our Root Chakra. The Root is the base of all your chakras and the perfect place to focus your healing when you need a fresh start. Taking a moment to get grounded and stabilize our spirit is something we find to be incredibly refreshing and absolutely vital to our well being.

The Power of the Crystal

If you are looking to step up your energy and manifestation game, get some freaking crystals! Like now! Not only are they beautiful, but each crystal holds its own unique properties to encourage and promote anything from creative energy to physical wellness. This month we are doting hard on Unakite and Black Onyx and all of their amazing benefits.

  • Unakite: Balances emotions, alleviates feelings of overwhelm. Increases mindfulness, patience, determination and resilience.

  • Black Onyx: Known as the stone of strength. Grounding, protecting and balancing.


Light it up

We don’t just light up mad joints here. We happen to also be pretty obsessed with candles. They are beautiful, they smell yummy and they take our bath bomb experience to another level. Plus, you can bring some really beautiful energy and manifestation results into your life when you put some intention behind them. We are lighting up orange candles all month long to cleanse negativity and attract courage, ambition and rejuvenation. Want to join us? Just grab your favorite orange candle, think about how strong, motivated and refreshed you want to feel and light that candle for at least 2 hours. Keep it up till you feel like a freaking boss!!

Our Monthly Mantras:

As we seek Strength and Balance, we find that a simple Mantra can really help to center us and welcome that positive energy into our space. Feel free to share in these mantras with us, or create your own.



Maybe you believe in the power of color, crystals and candles. Maybe you think it’s all a bunch of witchy woo. Either way, we encourage you to try incorporating some of these things into your daily rituals. When you focus your attention and your energy on the things that will serve you VS the things that won’t, your life can take a really beautiful turn for the better. Let yourself seek love, seek excitement, seek abundance! You deserve to feel strong and balanced every day. And honestly, if you wake up each and every morning with the intention to seek the positive in life, it might actually find you. So what’s the harm in trying, right?


Do you have a favorite ritual that promotes personal wellness? Share it with us! Follow us @KushQueenShop and @TheKushQueens and use #TKQWellness so we can check them out!

Megan Farley