Hello Festival Season!


Festival season is one of our favorite times of year and it is officially in full swing. We, at Kush Queen, want to help you make the most of it. Whether you’re heading out of town, keeping it local or throwing your own impromptu living room festival complete with besties, flower crowns and a killer spotify playlist, just follow our 4 simple steps to living your best damn festival life. (*actual festival attendance optional!)



It’s freaking festival season. The perfect time of year to experiment with fashion trends and be hella EXTRA! We are obsessing over bold colors, metallics, chunky kicks and acid washed everything! Mix it up and show off that personality!


Do You, BIG!

1. You can’t go wrong with the deep red hues of Rebel from The Lip Bar.

2. Add a pop of color with the super pigmented and festival ready Venus2 Eyeshadow Palette from Lime Crime.

3. We promise, you need a mini backpack, and this crystal embellished denim cutie from Zara is clearly calling your name.

4. Seriously, these chunky sandals from ASOS though. That is all.



As far as we’re concerned you should be incorporating this step into your life 24/7/365. Crystals make everything better! And don’t be afraid to take things up a notch, throw some glitter in the air, and let yourself drip in that sparkle.


You can't have too much SPARKLE!

1.  Body Lava is officially available and it will make you glow like an angel. A Freaking angel!

2. Protect those beautiful eyeballs of yours while also going full disco ball with these stunner sunnies from The Crystal Cult.

3. We told you to add some sparkle, and we meant it. So, you should probably just do the damn thing and add a shining assortment of crystals to your face courtesy of Ceremonial Collective.



We cannot stress enough how important self care is. A, because you’re worth it, DUH, and B, because you are never going to survive festival season if you don’t take proper care of you mind and your body. Have fun, try new things, act a fool, but remember to love on the body that allows you to experience all of those wonderful things. 

5. (2).jpg

Treat yo' self...        with care.


1. Stay hydrated in style with one of Swells many beautiful and functional designs.

2. Keep your energy and immune system up and ready to go with all natural supplements such as Uber and Air Patrol by HUM Nutrition.  

3. Ease aches and pains with the power of Melt Pain Relief Lotion from Kush Queen.

4. Exhale all the stress and anxiety with a pre-roll (or a handful) packed with a ½g of premium cannabis from Kush Queen or grab some pretty cones to pack yourself from The Crystal Cult



After a long day, weekend, month, or however long you choose to keep the party going, recovery is necessity! Your body, your mind and your spirit are going to be begging you for a major reset and it’s important that you listen. 

5. (1).jpg

Enjoy a moment with yourself.

1. There is nothing like dropping a Kush Queen bath bomb into a steaming hot tub to help you reset and refresh.

2. Plus gummies offer you a variety of unique flavors and are a great, low dose way to unwind and chill out after a long weekend.

3. Rest is vital to getting yourself back in the swing of things without feeling drained. Try one of these beautifully luxurious (Oprah approved btw) sleep masks from Elizabeth W and let yourself drift away.

4. Wash the festival off and get your relaxation on, with Soaked Shower Gel from Kush Queen.


We want to hear all about your festival season adventures and how your Kush Queen products are helping you stay in the game. Don’t forget to follow and tag us @KushQueenShop.

Megan Farley