Essential Oils and Your Pets


Essential Oils and your Pets

It probably comes as no surprise that the Kush Queens dig on essential oils, pretty freaking hard. A few drops of the perfect combination of oils and you can reduce signs of aging, alleviate pain, clear up skin conditions and even balance out your hormones. UM, YES PLEASE! The amazing versatility and benefits can practically feel like magic, which is exactly why we load our products up with thoughtfully selected essential oils. To wake you up, to soothe your aches, to help you sleep, we got you! The thing is, while essential oils may feel like the perfect “cure all” for you life, sometimes it needs to be approached cautiously. More specifically, in regards to your pets.

We know that your pets are family, and believe they should be treated as such. Pamper them, spoil the shit out of them, they deserve it! Now, essential oils can absolutely benefit your pets and may even work wonders, but you should do some research first. When treating your babies to a well earned SPAW day, it’s important to remember that those furry little angels are not human. Foods and other substances affect our pets differently than us. Essential oils are no exception and that's a fact that should not be taken lightly. So, before you turn on that diffuser or dip your pup into a bath accompanied by your fave oils or bath bombs, take a second to think and choose your products carefully. There are some oils that can actually be toxic to your pets, even when simply present in the air. It’s definitely better to be safe, than sorry.

All that said, we have done a little research for you already, and compiled a list of our top 8 essential oils for you pets! (+ some No No oils to avoid)

Top 8 Pet Friendly Essential Oils


-relieves anxiety


-supports healthy digestion

-promotes relaxation and sleep


-repels pests

-promotes healthy skin coat

Peppermint Oil

-repels pests

-soothes pain



-behavior regulation

Ylang Ylang


-soothes pain and dry skin



-deters bugs



Common oils to be cautious of:










-Tea Tree

These oils can trigger a range of issues from allergies and skin sensitivity to interfering with the bodies natural processes.



-Tea Tree






Cats metabolize substance differently than dogs and tend to be much more sensitive to oils. Our feline friends are especially sensitive to polyphenolic compounds which can interfere with liver detoxification.

It is important to chat with your vet prior to starting your pets on any kind of essential oil routine, as size, age, breed and your pets health history will play a role in determining the proper dosage and method of delivery. Also please keep in mind that even when using pet safe oils, you should always dilute them first using a safe carrier oil or water. Oils should never be applied directly to the skin or given internally unless otherwise suggested by a trusted veterinarian. To ensure a safe essential oil experience for your pet, it is best to start slow. Every pet is different and some may react more strongly than others. Monitor them closely and make sure to contact your vet if you notice suspicious behavior or reactions.