2 Relaxing Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter


Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by winter cold and flu season. With holiday parties, lowering temperatures and it just being “that” time of the year, it’s essential to focus on self-care and preventative measures throughout winter. If you are like me, you are all about preventative care and avoiding getting sick altogether.

Here are 2 low key and cost-effective ways to stay healthy this winter.

I typically partake in this routine once a week during a self-care day but will adjust depending on how I’m feeling and if I’m traveling. Going in this 1-2 order isn’t required, but after 3 years of rigorous testing – it’s highly recommended!  

  1. Warm up, loosen aching muscles and give your immune system a boost with a Shield for Immunity bath bomb. Soaking with a Shield for Immunity 100mg Pure CBD bath bomb is a relaxing and easy way to benefit from the potent and aromatic mixture of clove, rosemary, cinnamon, and other natural botanicals. Inspired by the 15th Century legend of four thieves, Shield for Immunity provides a healthy boost to the immune system while offering a deeply soothing bath time experience. Already feeling under the weather? Double your dose by dropping in two Shield for Immunity bombs during your bath.

  1. Therapeutic Hot Toddy Tea. No worries about alcohol here, my hot toddy features Traditional Medicine’s Throat Coat Herbal Tea, local wildflower honey and apple cider vinegar. This triple threat can taste a little zingy and “interesting” if you aren’t used to apple cider vinegar but it’s 100% worth it. You can adjust the honey to vinegar balance to your taste preference. Think of this part of the routine as taking your voice and throat to the spa. Pro tip – get apple cider vinegar with the “Mother Raw and Unfiltered” for maximum health benefits.  

Therapeutic Hot Toddy Tea Recipe:

    1. Make Traditional Medicine’s Throat Coat Herbal Tea as directed on the package.

    2. Add 1 full teaspoon of Honey.

    3. Add 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar.  

    4. Stir, allow for steeping time, enjoy!

Self-care and staying healthy rolled into Saturday afternoon.


Here’s how I rolled self-care Saturday and staying healthy into one relaxing mid-day break. This past Saturday, I found myself with a couple hours of free time, no one in the house and snow flurries outside. Before I let my to-do list creep up and distract me, I headed to the bath!

Starting with a warm bath and Shield for Immunity 100mg Pure CDB Bath Bomb really allowed me to unwind and forget about anything but taking a little time for myself. One of my favorite things about the Immunity bath bomb is the aroma. Once I opened the package, a beautiful bloom of clove, rosemary, cinnamon left me feeling like I could smell the healing powers of the botanicals. Que my Calm App, “Here Come The Wolves” relaxing playlist (recommended if you like to chill and plot world take over at the same time - lol) and my 30-minute soak was the ultimate treat! I just love that this is preventative care and relaxation at the same time.    


After my soak, I strolled into the kitchen to make my hot toddy tea. The tea listed in the recipe Traditional Medicine’s Throat Coat Herbal Tea is my go-to for the same reason, Kush Queen is my go-to for CBD topicals – both focus on the plant. I love plant-based products that strongly focus on the natural healing powers of the plant. Now back to sipping my tea - if you had come over that afternoon, I feel confident saying I would have welcomed you with a gentle Namaste! I was in such a feel-good mood, I (even) felt pumped about accompanying my wife on a trip to a local holiday craft market.  

Taking care of your immune system this winter is vital to staying healthy.

Using plant-based items like essential oils, CBD and herbal teas can be a cost-effective and relaxing way of doing that! This easy, 2 step routine left me feeling 105% relaxed, at ease and satisfied that I was not only making time for myself but also warding off germs and boosting my immune system at the same time – double win. Enjoy and stay warm this winter!

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