Kush Queen 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

By: Megan Lyn Farley & Olivia Alexander


We are in the thick of the giving season and yeah, it can be a bit overwhelming. Shopping for loved ones is not always easy, but we promise, you can’t go wrong with a gift that promotes self-love and self-care. That is what we are all about here and why we know everyone on your wishlist will love our products, and honestly, so will you!

If you happen to be new to the world of Kush Queen you may still be of the mindset that our products are only of use to those of a more feminine nature. We are here today to let you know, that’s just not true. Kush Queen is an inclusive brand that has worked hard to create products that relieve, uplift and elevate anyone and everyone through the practice of self-care and personal wellness.

We have compiled a list of our must-try products, for all of the people in your life. Tis the year of CBD and treating yourself, and we are here to help you check off every person on your list.

Kush Queen 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

GG For Mom.png

The mother figures in our life are true goddesses who should be showered in love and abundance every moment of every day. More than likely, however, they are too busy trying to make your life magical to remember that they deserve just as much magic. Remind them!

Our recommendations:

Bäre CBD Tincture: This ultra-versatile tincture provides 500mg of high-quality, full-spectrum hemp CBD to assist in reducing inflammation, anxiety, and stress. Pair with a favorite bag of coffee or tea and encourage daily use!

Defynt: This Anti-Serum is packed with anti-aging ingredients including hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, E, B3, and B5, and when combined with CBD’s powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, works to protect the skin from free radicals, retain moisture, improve skin’s texture, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and pores.

Sleep Bath Bomb: Our Sleep Bath Bomb was created to provide intense relaxation and calm to allow for a good night sleep. The Citrus Reticulata and Origanum Majorana combine with Lavender help to regulate your blood circulation and boost your immune system while relaxing the muscles and calming the mind.

GG For Dad.png

Yes, your dad needs Kush Queen. Dad’s need relief from stress, pain, and anxiety too and all the anti-inflammatory goodness packed in our line of CBD products will do him so much good.

We recommend:

Soaked: Our Soaked Transdermal Shower Gel was created to provide an easy method of incorporating CBD into daily life. Thanks to the power of Amplifi™ Nanotechnology you will be able to experience all of the benefits of this shower gel instantly! Plus, we’ve added beautiful citrus notes of pink grapefruit, lemon, lime, and mandarin to leave behind a light clean scent and invigorating feeling. When used as a facial wash or shampoo (yes, it’s versatile too) you can ease headaches and anxieties even faster.

Relax Bath Bomb: Our Relax Bath Bomb was created to not only relax the body, but to help stabilize the mood as well. A beautiful blend of Lavender, Chamomile and Frankincense come together to assist in the relief of anxiety, stress and inflammation while giving your immune system the healthy boost it needs. If your dad isn’t a bath taking kind of person, no worries! Tell him to pop the bath bomb into a nice big bowl of hot water and enjoy a soothing foot soak. You may change his life.

GG For Sister.png

For the person in your life who let you vent all night about your first heartbreak. Who gave you advice on love, and pain and life in general. And while they may have made you cry a few times as well, through the good and the bad, this time of year is a great opportunity to remind them that you, like, really love them.

We Recommend:

Pumpkin Spice Bath Bomb: Pumpkin may be associated mostly with being basic, but the bath bomb is anything but! The warm and inviting scents of Ginger, Cinnamon, and Cardamom have the power to transport you to a cozy fall paradise.

Lavender Renew Sugar Scrub: The Renew Scrub provides a healthy exfoliation combined with the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD and leaves skin glowing! Add in the relaxing scent of lavender and you have the makings of a luxurious home spa day.

GG For Brother.png

The brothers in our lives, while sometimes obnoxious im sure, often act as care takers. They lift us up, make us laugh and have our backs! Return the favor! Kush Queen is a true saving grace for the athlete, musician, skater boi, surfer, CrossFit enthusiast, and all around active person in your life. It is pain relieving, stress reducing, muscle revitalizing goodness.

We Recommend:

Melt Pain Relief Lotion: Our Melt is a revolutionary pain relief CBD lotion powered by Amplifi™ Nanotechnology allowing for instant relief. What makes Melt™ different is that it starts with organic aloe juice, making it a water-based topical lotion. So, it glides on your skin easily and absorbs rapidly, leaving no oily or sticky residue. Then, we combined cooling menthol and warming capsicum and camphor oil for that icy hot sensation. We finished with a blend of over 20 essential oils specially engineered for pain relief.

Relieve Bath Bomb: The ultimate combination of essential oils for maximum pain relief. We carefully selected each oil to support the relief of sore muscles and aching bones while also lifting away stress and offering mental clarity.

Can’t Decide? Grab our Pain Relief collection which includes our Melt and 3 Relieve bath bombs. You will be thanked!

GG For BAE.png

We want to help you keep the romance alive and poppin all holiday season long (even if your only BAE is you!), because we got your back like that. Love is in the freaking air during the holidays and it would be a waste not to maximize all those warm fuzzy feelings.

We recommend:

Love Bath Bomb: This Bath Bomb was created to up the romance and reduce the stress. Whether you are soaking alone or with a partner, you will enjoy the soothing benefits of our hand-selected essential oils. Relax your body and mind and slip into a more sensual headspace

Ignite Lubricant: We created this lubricant with you in mind. We’ve left out the coconut oil and opted for an aloe base, making this a latex safe product. We use Amplifi™ Nanotechnology to infuse our lubricants with top quality Hemp CBD, allowing for instant results including increased sensation, relaxation of any nerves, reduced anxiety and pain relief for those that may need it.  Passion doesn’t wait and neither should you!

GG For BFF.png

Your ride or die deserves to be pampered hard, and as the BFF, it’s kind of your job to remind them! Take them out for dinner, overwhelm them with all the cheesy sentiments of love, appreciation, and gratitude, then drop one of these adorable Kush Queen gifts in their lap. You win the best BFF award. Congrats and you’re welcome.

We recommend:

Peppermint Latte Bath Bomb: This Limited Edition CBD Bath Bomb will encourage the celebration of this beautiful winter season while easing stress and soothing dry skin. Take in the nostalgic and inviting scents of peppermint, and drift away to a wintery wonderland.

CBD Lit Kit: Our CBD Lit Kit was created to offer all the fun of our original Lit Kit with none of the Psychoactive effects. When you are looking to relax, relieve your anxiety, or soothe your aches and pains without the high, we’ve got you covered! This kit includes a 25mg CBD bath bomb, a 25mg CBD chocolate and a pretty preroll cone that is ready to be packed with your favorite flower. Include a gram of your besties fave strain for bonus points!

GG Stocking Stuffers.png

All of our products make AMAZING stocking stuffers and would be a hit in any secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange, but we a particularly crushing on our Mini’s for quick and easy Holiday gift giving.

We recommend:

The complete mini collection: The perfect opportunity to try all of our signature bath bombs, for one low price! You can gift them individually or gift the whole collection, the choice is yours!
Renew Mini Sugar Scrub: It’s small but mightly. Great for a facial scrub, lip scrub or all over body scrub! Bonus, the smell is heavenly!!

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Grab a gift for everyone on your list below!