Self Care for the Holidays


Thanksgiving is over, and now it’s on to Hanukkah and Christmas. But before moving on to more holidays, plan some time for yourself. The holidays, as fun as they are, always come with a hefty side of stress. There are a lot of factors during the holiday season that you can’t control, but one thing you can take charge over is your self-care routine.

Self-care is crucial to making it through the crazy holiday season. Taking time away from the crazy allows you to stay grounded and be your best self. Ignore the voices saying you don’t have the time or that putting yourself first is selfish. Taking care of yourself enables you to help others more, so pencil in some “me time” and say hello to the holidays!

Here are three great ways to take care of yourself in 30 minutes or less.

Add CBD (to everything)


CBD has been the craze for quite some time now, and the reason it keeps getting attention? It actually works. Add BARE CBD to your morning coffee or juice, whip up some CBD snacks, or keep the tincture nearby and take a dropper full as needed. However you can incorporate it into your daily routines, do it! CBD helps ease stress and anxiety while also acting as a mood stabilizer. What does this mean? This means your holiday stress will be at bay and your holiday cheer will be in full force!

Movement + Meditation


Block out thirty minutes to move your body and let your mind be at ease, even if it’s at the end of the day. Move for twenty minutes, meditate for ten. There’s something really incredible about meditating after working out; it’s almost as if your mind is begging for the stillness and quiet. Here’s a quick and easy workout you can do anywhere! No props needed, just your body and a positive attitude.

  • Cat-Cow stretching

  • Sumo squat - 20x

  • Donkey kicks - 30x with each leg

  • Leg lifts - 30x with each leg

  • Crunches - 50x

  • Bridge lifts - 45x

  • Plank - hold for 30 to 60 seconds

  • Downward dog to upward dog stretching

End with a ten-minute meditation. If you’re new to meditating, download the app HeadSpace and let it lead the way. Place one hand on your lower abdomen to feel yourself breathing, bringing mindfulness to the meditation. The thing to always remember with meditating is that it is okay when your mind wanders. Meditation is about training your brain to stay present; which means that on the journey of meditating, your mind is certain to wander.

Soak + Smoke


Wake up early, and draw yourself a bath. It may seem unusual to take a bath in the morning, but with the Kush Queen AWAKEN bath bomb, it won’t be unusual for long. The Awaken bath bomb is loaded with CBD and peppermint essential oils. The CBD and peppermint essential oils work together to target any pain areas, helping with inflammation and aches. The peppermint oil is invigorating, waking your body up in a subtle way and leaving you feeling strong and ready for the day, but with a sense of calm and bliss.

While soaking with the AWAKEN bath bomb, be sure to take a few deep breaths. The peppermint oils and hot water create a steam that works wonders for your respiratory system. Pair this bath with a cup of coffee and a joint, and your new morning routine will form, I promise.  

Whatever you do during the holidays, just be sure to prioritize yourself. You’re a queen, and queens don’t belong on the back burner.

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