Meet the Peppermint Latte Bath Bomb

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Do you feel the magic in the air? The holiday cheer? All the festive winter season feels? Because I definitely do and I am so excited the holiday season is finally here!!!!

It’s time for me to bust out the essential oils and diffusers around my home and all my fave personal care products. While my options are seemingly endless, I am currently crushing hard on the new Kush Queen limited edition Peppermint Latte CBD Bath Bomb! It gets me into a great seasonal mood, helps me create a calming bath that soothes my nerves and sends me into a blissful state of happiness.

And I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of Peppermint? Am I right? I own peppermint candy, peppermint chapstick, peppermint gum, and peppermint candles. And my favorite cartoon character was Peppermint Paddy from Charlie Brown. For real! You name it, I have it and I am in a full-blown peppermint craze. The scent always puts me in a great mood and it amps up the holiday spirit.

It’s my favorite time of year. Getting into the holiday spirit, celebrating, creating fun meaningful memories, letting my creative side and taking a moment to enjoy life’s fun love-filled moments with my friends and family, it’s perfection.

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As many of you know, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, the holidays can get crazy. It’s so important to remember to let yourself have a little downtime to unwind after a hectic day of work, school, running errands, shopping, festivities, parties, or even too much “quality time” with friends and family. I think you’d agree that all we really need is a little something to help us relax, refocus and recenter. This holiday season I highly recommend the Kush Queen Peppermint Latte Bath Bomb. For you, your friends, your mom, anyone really. Personally, I always try to make sure I have soft and glowing skin.

Luckily, this bath bomb will not only help you relax but it also nourishes your skin and the peppermint essential oils are refreshing and energizing and will give you that extra kick you may need to keep pushing through. The anti-inflammatory properties in the 25 mg of CBD will help to reduce your aches and pains while also relieving any lingering anxieties. The benefits are huge, and the 30 minutes of peace and quiet are DIVINE! What more could you ask for?

I suggest you snag a bunch of these Bath Bombs, some cute gift bags, pop on a ribbon or two, add a cute name tag and drop in that adorable Latte inspired cup. Now give them to everyone! It is sure to make this holiday season THE BOMB! Get it?! #dadjokes anyone?

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Okay, now It’s time to drop your Peppermint Latte Bath Bomb into the tub (make sure that waters nice and hot), and watch the bath bomb fizzle itself into a beautiful rich hue of red. Now lock the bathroom door, take some deep breaths and enjoy every soaking and soothing moment of the crisp, wintery, fresh aroma and drift yourself away to a white winter wonderland.

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Feeling the FOMO? Grab your own Peppermint Latte bath bomb below!

Megan Farley