Bath Bombs

Yes, they are gorgeous and smell incredible, but more importantly our bath bombs are intelligently designed around the entourage effect, which is the enhanced effect that full-spectrum cannabinoids have when they are combined with terpenes, or essential oils. Every essential oil is chosen for its specific effect so you can have a luxurious bath experience like never before. 



Awaken - For Energy

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul as you plunge into the vibrantly pink paradise of AWAKEN. LEARN MORE

Lovecbd bath bomb

Love - For Passion

With an invigorating burst of color and our seductive blend of floral aromas no one can resist a hot and steamy soak in LOVE.

cbd bath bomb

Relax - For Mood

A lavish retreat of tranquil blue waters swirling with fragrant chamomile and lavender await as you submerge yourself in RELAX. LEARN MORE

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Relieve - For Pain

Alleviate your pain and soothe every inch of your body with a deeply therapeutic and intoxicating dip into RELIEVE. LEARN MORE

DSC_6470 copy.jpg

Sleep - For Rest

Let the world around you slip away as you inhale the deliciously calming scents of lavender and sink into the rich purple hues of SLEEP. LEARN MORE